One on one Private reading

This reading starts with an Oracle/Angel card reading which will give you guidance with any areas or issues you have in your life. This will follow on with mediumship/messages from your loved ones in spirit. I always give you an opportunity to ask any questions you have and do my best to answer them

A Reading For two

A reading for yourself and a friend or family member. The details are as for a one-one reading except you will come in together and you will each receive a card reading first and the mediumship will follow after both card readings have been done. If you are related I would recommend this rather than two separate readings.

A Reading for three

A reading for yourself and either two friends or family members, each person will get an angel/oracle card reading giving advice and guidance with past, present and future. Followed by mediumship/messages from your loved ones in spirit. Great for family members or a fun experience for friends.

Telephone Reading

After booking a suitable appointment, I will send you payment details and arrange to telephone you at the allocated date and time.  I will offer you a choice of which cards I will use and will commence your phone reading with your cards and then follow on with messages from Spirit. Please see One-one reading for what to expect.

Video Call Reading

After arranging an appointment, I can video call you on either Skype, Messenger or Whatsapp. You will get a choice of cards where I can offer you advice, on anything you would like help with followed by mediumship/messages from your loved ones in spirit. This can be arranged for either one or two people.